Juniper Bonsai Tree


I have a Juniper Bonsai Tree & we’ve had it for some time & it was fine but now it seems to be starting to dry out for some reason.  We’re watering as we were before.  It’s still green but branches are brittle.. Is it salvageable?



Possible causes for your bonsai problems are keeping the soil evenly moist not soaking wet (with good drainage), that it may need to be repotted (as you have had if for some time, the roots may be rootbound; check for this by lifting the plant up out of the pot, to see if the roots have grown in to a tight mass), or that it needs more light or needs fertilizer.

Refer to website for further information, including why and how to repot your bonsai plant. You can also contact the store where you purchased your plant for their advice.