Keeping groundhog out of vegetable garden


Is there a way of keeping ground hogs out of a vegetable garden? Thank you.



Groundhogs are wily and persistent creatures. While there is no single, sure-fire way to keep them out of your vegetable garden, a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach will maximize your chance of keeping them at bay.

Erecting a fence around your garden is a good place to start. It will need to be at least 3 feet high and 1 foot deep into the ground, with the underground portion angled away from the garden to deter them from burrowing under it. Making the fence electric will provide additional deterrence.

Within your garden, try applying a repellent onto the vegetables that the groundhog prefers. There are many non-toxic repellents on the market; for example, some minic fox urine and other leave a bitter taste. In addition, you can install motion-activated sprayers or noise-makers to make the environment unpleasant for the groundhog.

You can also try planting a food source for the groundhog (e.g. alfalfa, clover) at a location away from your vegetable garden to distract it.

For more information, you may find the following from the Toronto Wildlife Centre helpful:

Good luck!