Laburnium pruning nicked tree bark


Hello, should we apply some type of salve or protective treatment to the injuries? We rubbed some of the bark off the tree in a few spots while trying to cut out dead wood. The pruning was done to try to rejuvenate the tree. We hope that we haven’t caused it further injury.


Tree wounds are common and the causes include: broken branches; impacts, abrasions, scrapes and animal, insect damage. Trees respond to wounding or injury by forming specialized “callus” tissue around the edges of the wound. Thus, the tree responds to the injury by “compartmentalizing” or isolating the older, injured tissue with the gradual growth of new, healthy tissue. Not only do trees try to close the damaged tissue from the outside, they also make the existing wood surrounding the wound unsuitable for spread of decay organisms. Where the damaged area is less 25% of the trunk’s circumference, the wound should heal without permanent injury.

Research indicates that wound dressings (materials such as tar or paint) should not be applied to the wounded area because it has been determined that they do not prevent decay and may even interfere with wound closure.

Here is an excellent article on Tree Wounds and their proper treatment.