lacecap hydrangeas


I was out in Vancouver and noticed these beautiful hydrangeas with a flat flower. Googled and found out they are lacecaps. I live in Oshawa (just east of Toronto) and would like to find and grow some. Is this a good zone for them and where could I go to see different varieties (good nursery). Thank you very much!!!


There certainly are a very great many kinds of hydrangeas, so getting precisely the one you want can be confusing.   The flathead (Hydrangea macrophylla normalis)  comes in a number of different colours and has a particular soft and appealing look.   While it is most easily grown in Zone 8 (like Vancouver), it can grow through Zone 5b with some protection.  This should include Oshawa, which benefits from the moderating effect of the lake, so plant it where it has some protection from harsh winter winds and other stresses.   There is more information at is a list of the main gardening stores in your area;  call to find out which hydrangeas they have in stock.  There are several other large nurseries in other parts of the GTA.   If you have a particular variety in mind, you could also search online for speciality nurseries who do mail order business.