landscaped rockery


What is the best way to weed sporatic (make that prevalent!) grass that has invaded my rockery from the lawn. I have used a dandelion weeder & knife, but still manage to damage the perenials beside. Thank you


Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to rid the rock garden of unwanted grass and weeds. one idea is to dig a sharp V-like edge between the grass and the rockery. This will provide a slight physical barrier between the two spaces. Another alternative is to remove the rocks and lay heavy lanscape fabric on the soil, cutting out holes in the landscape fabric for the existing perennials, then replacing the stones. If this is not possible you might try going to your local garden center and purchasing liquid weed killer. If the grass, weeds are close to the perennials you might need to brush the product onto the weeds/grass.

Good luck. I hope you win your battle against the weeds.