Looking for a student studying landscape to design and install the landscape of the front of my house.  Are you aware of anyone who is interested?


Master Gardeners cannot recommend specific companies or individuals for paid work.  Our mandate is to educate the public about gardening and horticultural issues.  To find a student who is willing to landscape your yard, I would start by approaching those institutions who train them.  Both colleges and universities train landscapers, horticultural technicians, landscape technicians, and landscape designers.  All have a slightly different focus.  Ryerson University, Humber College, Durham College, Fanshawe College and Seneca College have a variant on landscaping.

If you have a small lot that can be designed by a local horticulturist or gardener, that might be an option for you as well.  Landscape Ontario would be a good place to start your search and their website is attached below (just click on the “contact a company” tab).

Although students are learning their craft, most get their experience by being supervised by someone who already has an established business.  I would recommend approaching an established landscaping company in your area for advice.  They have experience, written contracts and insurance regarding large scale and smaller projects that could include replacing dead trees & shrubs, applying for city permits, erosion problems, retaining wall issues and many other factors and situations that a student may not be aware of.