Lawn holes


My house backs onto a ravine in Scarborough. I have 3 holes in my lawn. Two are around 3. inches wide and the other is 7 inches wide. There is no soil at the base of the hole and they appear to be quite deep. I was wondering if you knew what type of animal it might be? Also, how do I fill the hole and get rid of the animal humanely?


It’s likely that what you’re dealing with for the 7-inch holes are woodchucks aka groundhogs, the most common burrowing animals in Ontario. Here is further information from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, including detailed steps for removal. Fall, when the young woodchucks have left the nest, is a good time to do this:

The smaller holes could have been produced by a number of creatures, including chipmunks. We have written about small burrow holes on this forum before, and you might be interested in the response:

Note that some of the animals mentioned in the otherwise useful link embedded in that reply (such as ground squirrels) are not found in our climate.