Lawn Problem


We’ve been in our house for 10 years and some animals started digging into my lawn late fall last year and again now. I just got some grub busters through Amazon. Please advise on the best approach on how to deal with this problem. Thank you very much.


The product you purchased contains beneficial nematodes which are naturally occurring microscopic organisms found in soil and are used to control white grubs.  The white grubs are typically what the animals tearing up your soil are after.  The nematodes are parasites which attach themselves to the grubs and kill them. You’ll want to wait till the temperature is over 15 degrees C before applying your nematodes.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the package.  For more information on the use of nematodes, check out our response to another gardener on this same question at the link below.

White grubs are a favoured food of both racoons and skunks.  These animals appear to roll back a chunk of grass to get at the grubs which are just below the soil surface.  I’ve had issues with both racoons and skunks doing damage in my lawn and have successfully dealt with the problem using nematodes.

If what you are seeing is many small holes your issue could be squirrels who are either burying food or digging it up.  Trying to get rid of squirrels in Toronto is a thankless task.  I have this issue in my garden and I’m making do with re-seeding these small holes as the damage occurs.  For a larger area, you can put down chicken wire, to protect an area until the seeds can germinate and become established.

Good luck!

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