Lawn Weeds


Could you identify this weed from my lawn:
It’s especially virulent (its frilly like dill but short?)
Suggestions for ridding it are welcome!



Identifying plants from photos is often very difficult. We usually require a close up of the leaves and a photo of the flower in order to make a positive ID.

The fern-like leaves in the photo appear to have a wooly bluish -green appearance and when crushed if they have a sage-like aroma then the weed in question is Achillea millefolium (Yarrow). This weed spreads by forming multi-branched rhizomes and by seed. The seed can remain viable in the soil for approximately five years.

Yarrow is able to grow in many different types of soil including pastures, rocky fields, prairies, lawns and roadsides. It prefers areas with poor soil where other plants have difficulty growing.

The best method of keeping all weeds out of your yard not just yarrow is to have a thick, vigorous, and healthy lawn. Improving the soil quality with the yearly addition of organic compost will aid in improving the quality of the soil and lawn. If your patch of yarrow is not too large, you can pull it out making sure to remove all of the roots and rhizomes.

We receive a number of questions asking for help with weeds in their lawn. If you just type “weeds” into the search bar on the right you will see a number of our responses to earlier posts. One post titled I have the worst weeds ever, gives instructions on how to eliminate weeds using a technique called solarization as well as an excellent link to an article titled Tackling Weeds Organically.

Good Luck!