How do I go about seeding a white clover lawn along with grass seed?



Use a Clover Lawn seed or a Grass & Clover seed mix.  White clover is often considered a pest in lawns, however, the roots add essential nitrogen to the soil and it is a low maintenance alternative to grass.  It requires full sun, occasional mowing, little water and no chemicals.  It can be played on and is resistant to dogs’ urine.  Rake in Dutch white clover seeds in late winter or early spring.  Water as necessary.  Mow with blades at 3.5 – 4 cm until well establishedand then up to 9 cm.  Leave clippings in place.  Re-seed, if necessary, in three years.  Below are some general instructions for replacing your lawn with alternative groundcovers.


To replace an existing lawn with an alternative ground cover, you should:

Review light and soil conditions and expected usage; choose plants to match these.

Completely remove the existing grass and compost the turf.

Improve the soil by digging in organic matter (leaf mould, compost) and coarse sand for drainage (if needed).

Either plant seeds or small plants according to the directions for the chosen plant(s).

Water well until established. An organic mulch will help reduce weeds.