Lilac blooms


I am looking for directions on how to cut lilacs and put them in vases without having them wilt.  I tried hot water but it didn’t seem to work.  Maybe the water was too hot.  Some suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Lilac (Syringa spp.) blooms are very difficult to keep looking fresh when picked and placed in a vase.  They rarely last more than 5 days.  Maybe the water you used was indeed too hot.  Here are some tips which hopefully will bring you success.

1.  Cut lilacs in the cool of the morning.  Cut stem from the shrub using sharp pruners or cutters.  Choose stems that have at least two flower heads where the buds have already begun opening.

2.  Immediately place cut ends into a container of warm water before bringing inside.

3.  Strip the lower leaves from the stem, otherwise these sit in the water and can lead to disease.

4.  Lilacs drink a lot of water so cut the bottom of the stem off at a sharp angle, then split the bottom of the stem with a sharp knife.  This allows the woody stem to take in water.

5.  Fill a vase with lukewarm water and dissolve a floral preservative in it, (floral preservatives are available from florists).  Place blooms in water immediately.

6.  Display the lilacs in a cool room away from direct sunlight and drafts.

7.  Refill the vase with water daily as the level drops from evaporation.