Lilac pruning


Hi. I’m looking for someone who is very knowledgeable about pruning lilacs. I’d really like for the person to prune the two lilacs on my property while I observe, in order to learn how it’s done. The lilacs are about 7 years old and currently about 15ft high. I’m willing to compensate as per standard costs in the industry.

Any direction/recommendation on this would be appreciated.



Dear gardener, thank you very much for reaching out to our website. Unfortunately, we are a non-for-profit organization with volunteers giving advice from the Toronto Botanical Garden but we do not go to individual’s residence. As an independent organization we also can not recommend a specific service provider.

May I suggest you check the Landscape Ontario website ( for a list of qualified landscapers and arborists.

Lastly, keep checking the Toronto Botanical Gardens website as they always offer courses on pruning.

Good luck.