Lilium canadense and Lilium philadelphicum


I live 70 km northwest of Toronto and am seeking information on where to site Lilium canadense bulbs as well as Lilium philadelphicum. Can you tell me how much sun they can tolerate? And how much moisture they require? I have read somewhere that Lilium philadelphicum prefers acidic soil. It seems to grow in neutral sandy loam but I definitely have placed it in situations where it is getting more sun that it wants, much to my dismay.


You might take your cue from the common names of these plants. Lilium canadense is also called meadow lily. Lilium philadelphicum is wood lily. Both prefer moist, well-drained soil, but the meadow lily will tolerate a little more moisture and sun (growing naturally beside streams, for example), and the wood lily will take a little more dryness and shade (its natural habitat being woodland edges).

The references I can find, linked below, say nothing about a preference for acid soil. They suggest that these plants are reasonably adaptable as to soil type.