Lilium oriental hybrid


Hello there
I just bought Lilium Oriental Hybrid bulbs from Home Depot. 10/pag. It does not say it is fragrance or not. Do you know anything about them please. Here is the link of the manufacture.

Thank you so much


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Oriental hybrid lilies are highly fragrant, large-flowered beauties that really add a festive air to the summer garden. They are the last of the lilies to flower, usually from mid- to late Summer in Toronto. Well known examples include ‘Casa Blanca’ and ‘Stargazer’.

The seller website has good basic information on planting and caring of oriental lilies. We would like to add the following: choose a site that receives full sun for best flowering, with good drainage (to ensure that the bulbs don’t rot when they are dormant in winter) and loamy, slightly acidic soil (pH 6.5-6.9 is ideal). Oriental lilies like being planted fairly deep, so measure six inches from the top and not the bottom of the bulb when you are planting them. They like their root zone cool, so mulch well. Provide even moisture, and fertilize from early spring until end of flowering. Remove the blooms when they are spent, but do not cut back the leaves and stem until frost.

Lilies are low maintenance plants, with one important caveat: scarlet lily beetle/red lily beetle/lily leaf beetle (Lilioceris lilii). I attach a photo for your reference. Lily beetles can defoliate entire plants in a shockingly short period of time. Therefore, once your lilies have had a few inches of growth, keep in eye out for the beetles and crush them as soon as you see them; once they begin to reproduce, control becomes difficult. Here is a previous answer on the problem of lily leaf beetle in case you need it in the near future.

We wish you the best of luck with your Oriental lilies.