Lime hops


I recently purchased a plant at a horticulture club plant sale labeled as lime hops. I’ve tried looking the plant up on the web but have found nothing. I was hoping to use home grown hops for beer making but would like a bit more information on the plant!


The plant that you have is likely the Cascade hop variety. There are many varieties but I don’t find any that are described as lime. Cascade is described as citrus-like.

It has a pleasant, flowery and spicy, citrus-like quality with a slight grapefruit characteristic. The hop is good for both flavor and aroma uses.

Here is a link that describes some of the varieties:

Perhaps the horticulture club member that donated the plant has grown it and described it as lime from their experience. You might be able to find out more from the club if they know who donated the plant. Maybe they will have experience on growing and making beer to share as well. Gardeners love to share their successes.

There’s also an extensive list of hop varieties on, of all things, Wikipedia:

This could be worth checking out. Good luck and cheers!