limelight bushes with yellow leaves


My limelight bushes have some yellow leaves in the inside part of the bush. The plant otherwise seems very healthy, it has lots of blooms that are just starting to open. They are in full sun with some cedar bark mulch around the base. I
was wandering if they were gettingtoo much water or not enough! Thelittle limes don’t seem to have this problem, they have some brown leaves around the flower area, maybe a fungus? Thanks for all your help!IMG_3948


Your Limelight plant seems to be very healthy, as you have said. Those few yellow leaves on the inside may simply be heavily shaded by the outer leaves. Unless the yellowing spreads to the outside leaves and they start to fall off, I would not worry.

As for your Little Lime hydrangeas, since there is no photo, it’s unclear what might be causing the few brown leaves. Hydrangeas can suffer from sunburn if they are planted in an area receiving too much sun and you did say your plants are in full sun.

Browning of the leaf margins could also be a problem of the plants being under stress due to incorrect watering practices.

Early morning is the best time to water. Watering thoroughly and infrequently will force the roots deep below the soil surface, and this helps protect them during hot, dry weather. Shallow watering will force the roots to the surface in search of water, and this will result in plants under stress. An application of  5-8 cm of mulch to the area will conserve moisture and cool the soil temperature.