Location to buy herb, tomatoes and other edible plants



I am a novice gardener. It is the first time to plant a garden with Herbs, Tomatoes, green onions, etc.

My question is: Where is the best places in GTA to get quality edible plants?


One of the greatest pleasures in life is to grow your own produce. Whether you start off with a couple of herbs in a pot or put in a full vegetable garden, ensuring the quality of the plant material and/or the seeds is important. There are many nurseries across the GTA, both large and small, that will provide excellent quality product. Perhaps the best place to start is to find a nursery in your area that is certified by the landscape industry.

The Landscape Industry Certification Program is recognized across North America for people who have achieved a level of competency in the Horticultural Industry within their designation. People who achieve this have completed over 2000 hours of work in the industry and have passed both written and practical examinations. This program is overseen by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association in partnership with Landscape Ontario. This website will provide you with a list of those in your neighborhood:


Enjoy your vegetable garden!