Looking for a gardner in Markham to do spring clean up


Would you be able to provide names of gardners who service Markham area? we need to do spring clean up – some midseason planting and pruning and fall-clean up



Unfortunately, Master Gardeners cannot recommend specific companies or individuals for paid work. We are volunteers with a mandate to educate the public about gardening and horticultural issues.  If your area has a local newspaper, most have a classified section at the back which may advertise gardeners, landscape designers etc. You may want to look there.  Another option might be to post a sign in a community centre or speak to someone at a local garden centre.  If you want to take it to another level altogether go to landscapeontario.com and search for a landscaping company.  Word of mouth is also a excellent way to find reputable companies or individuals.  Ask around in your neighbourhood or ask your friends and acquaintances.