Looking for a yellow cherry tree


Hi I am looking for cherry tree, but the cherry with the yellow and red fruit, not the dark red, to plant in my garden.


There are several yellow or yellowish-red (called “blush”) cultivars of cherry including Rainier, Stardust, Early Robin and Scarletta.   Check this list from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) to find a reputable nursery that specializes in fruit trees to see what varieties might available locally. It is important to confirm with the nursery that the variety will be suitable for your hardiness zone.  OMAFRA also has a list of recommended cherry cultivars for Ontario that lists their hardiness zones.

It is also important to remember that sweet cherries may be either self-fruitful or require another tree for pollination to set fruit. You can find more information about cherry tree selection from a previous response here.

Sour or tart cherries cultivars are self-fruitful. Montmorency is a very popular sour cherry cultivar in Ontario that does well in Canadian hardiness zones 5b to 7b. This cultivar produces a vibrant red cherry that might meet your needs.

You may want to review this previous response for more tips on selecting a site and growing tips for your new cherry tree.