Looking to buy some plant seeds


Hi there. I was just wondering where I would be able to find some daucus carota seeds in Toronto. Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you so much.


You should be able to find Queen Anne’s Lace (Daucus carota subsp. carota)seeds one of the larger local garden centres, although they will just be starting to stock seeds at this time of year.  However, as this perennial can be started outside in the spring, you do not need to be scrambling to get your seeds started indoors early in the year.

Alternatively, you could look for the seeds at a Seedy Saturday, or other winter/early spring garden event. These are generally advertised in your community newspaper,  in communications from your city councillor or in the events listing on the Seed of Diversity website at https://www.seeds.ca.

One event in February, where seed vendors will have booths, is Get the Jump on Spring, at Toronto Botanical Garden in February.  As well, there are usually seeds for sale in the Toronto Botanical Garden shop.  There are also many seed vendors at Canada Blooms, in March.

Finally  good source of seeds are the on line catalogues.

A  Canadian company  which carry’s  Queen Anne’s Lace seeds is Richter Herbs –


May we also suggest you look at Ammi majus or bishop’s weed, a distant cousin of Daucus, which is more readily available and less invasive.