Looks like different kinds of Boxwood fungus


Hi. Front yard. South facing. 23 box (Asian variety) shrubs on a mound, some full sun, others part shade. Leslieville Toronto. All seem to have minor fungus that Google tells me is different kinds of fungus. Some minor root fungus, some rust on leaves, some white fugus on stem, “dog vomit” fungus found on soil. I’ve removed some butterfly plants that were between them, I’ve been spraying a baking soda, veg oil and soap mix on leaves and soil and some stems. Basically need some professional guidance because this is a ton of work for just me to do, and I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing. Because the fungal infections look like they are early in the game, I’d love to preserve my shrubs. What kind of professional assesses this kind of issue and what can I do next? Many thanks! Michele PS I’ve tried to submit photos, but even 1 photo is too large to upload to your site. If you can give me an address or someone to contact, I could sent them there. thx


The symptoms caused by the various fungi that attack boxwoods can be confusing and can be exacerbated by opposing conditions. Both drought stress and over wetting and poor drainage can be linked to specific fungus attacks and frequently more than one type of disease may be present. The conditions are aggravated  by crowding and other physical stresses. Removing the butterfly bushes was a good idea as the extra space will help air circulation. Consider what other factors may be contributing to the problem such as poor drainage and try to correct them. Below are links to 2 sites that have excellent and extensive information about boxwood diseases including prevention and treatment. Note that some fungi may persist in the soil and are very difficult to eradicate. Determining exactly what diseases are present will likely need a professional inspection. The laboratory at University of Guelph does tissue analyses but it is not a simple procedure whereas getting an analysis of the soil nutrients is quite straight forward and may help you to determine if the shrubs are stressed by lack of nutrition or excess of a particular element.



I am afraid that we cannot recommend specific companies to clients, however you can find a list of professionals on this site. Try contacting one of these companies to see if they have the expertise to diagnose and treat the diseases.


You may also be able to get a reference at one of the larger nurseries in your area.