Low growing weed



Wondering what this low growing groundcover-type weed is that is growing on our property. Leafs are up to 12″. Seems to spread quickly. Last year very small patch.




I believe the weed you are talking about is Coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara.

You didn’t mention the flower so I wonder if this comes early in the Spring with no leaves so you do not associate the flower, a yellow aster like flower, with the leaves that arrive later.

We all have noticed more weeds this year with the heavy supply of moisture in the Spring. Ontario no longer allows chemicals so good old fashioned manual labor seems to be the method of choice. Not surprising that you are noticing an increase as this will happen if seeds are not controlled. Coltsfoot also has a long rhizome type root which needs to be pulled/ dug out completely or it spreads.

You speak of property rather than lawn or garden. Not sure where this is growing presently. IF in the lawn,  following best practices of mowing for right height, removing weeds so proper grass can grow. Think of weeds as competitors, they want to take over and will not allow the grass to grow eventually.

Weeds like to grow where there is shade and an abundance of moisture. Can these conditions be altered on your property?

Some references that may help you.https://www.invasive.4.htmorg/weedcd/species/656