Magnolia tree in distress


Location: South Etobicoke, Toronto.
Exposure: Tree is in front yard and gets plenty of sun morning/afternoon. Our house would mostly shade the tree in later afternoon/evening.
Summary: Lived at this house since 2011. Tree seemed fine each year, thousands of flowers in spring and then on to nice big leafs. I did a small amount of pruning each year to keep it from getting too close to our power line and our driveway. This spring the tree began to bud it’s flowers and then just stopped. The buds are still on the tree’s and as you can see from the pictures it’s really having a hard time.
Does anyone know if my tree is dying? What should I do?
My 90 year old next door neighbor said that about 10-12 years ago the tree had some sort of problem and got cut completely back (to the main trunk).


Many trees in the Toronto area suffered damage during the recent winter, and unfortunately many trees are still showing the effects. Your Magnolia is obviously showing signs of stress and it would be very worthwhile to get professional advice to ensure that it will continue to thrive. A certified arborist would be able to assess the tree and offer proper advice on what steps may need to be taken in caring for it.  The best way to find a certified arborist is to access the International Society of Arborists through their web-site .  The following is a link to arborists in Toronto:

If it is any consolation, yours is not the only Magnolia tree experiencing stress.  You may find it useful to read this response to another query on the Master Gardener website:

I wish you the best of luck in keeping your well-established tree thriving.