magnolia tree pods


Just moved where we have a beautiful mature white magnolia tree that flowered well in the spring. A green pod has fallen from the tree, looks like a miniature pine cone. We now see a green,oddly shaped pod growing off the branches in the tree. When searching the net I only found one picture and no information on these” deformed pods”. Should I try to remove them or leave them for seed purpose – if they will develop?







These are the seed pods that develop after the flower has finished and are perfectly normal for the magnolia tree however bizarre they look. The seed pods will ripen in the fall around mid September to October when they will open up and produce magnolila seeds. The seeds need the natural cold of the winter to germinate and produce new magnolia trees so you can leave them outside on the ground and a few may develop if you are lucky enough to have exactly the correct environmental conditions or they can be collected and placed in the refrigerator for the winter in a moist peat moss medium and then planted in potting soil in a container with 1/4 inch of soil on top to germinate them artificially.