Magnolias — a tree with mysterious fruit


Would love to know what tree/fruit this is that I found in Edward gardens botanical park. I will attach a picture of the fruit. It smells absolutely delicious and like a concoction of many other fruits!


Hi Gardener, thank you for this terrific question. You have found a fresh magnolia tree seedpod —  the little scales were the clue. The pods apparently smell like champagne, and there is interest in making a perfume essence from these pods, an essential oil or even of adding its perfume to candles.

If you leave it to dry, it will start looking more like a dried-out pinecone, and you will be able to extract the individual seeds. Instructions on how to grow magnolia trees from seed are  HERE

You may also find this link interesting:  scent of magnolia for candles

For your further interest,  please see the  International Magnolia Society  that exchanges magnolia seeds.