If I have a 40′ Manitoba Maple cut to 15′, will this tree rejuvenate or do you think it will look a) ugly from the cut and b) take years to regrow? There are now large dead branches and the bark is coming off those branches, but the rest of the tree is vibrant. Is it worth pruning or do you think I should simply have it cut right down? Many thanks…this is like putting down a pet..heartbreaking. (Sorry, I live outside of Kingston but checked the box below for ‘Toronto’.)


Thank you for your question.

The Manitoba Maple or “Box Elder”  or Acer negundo can grow up to 20 metres tall.  It is a very adaptable tree and can withstand changes in moisture from seasonally flooded areas to dry soils. The tree prefers full sun and is adaptable to many soil types.

Based on your question, we would suggest you contact a local arborist to assess your tree & determine if it is worth pruning.  As Manitoba maples are prone to insects & diseases which can cause weakened branches, your tree might be at risk for splitting or cracking during severe weather. To find a certified arborist use this link

Proper pruning will also maintain it in good form.

With a good assessment and proper pruning we hope your tree will continue to provide you many more years of enjoyment!

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