Maple Tree in Backyard damaged via storm


Back in february we had a major snowstorm that broke three branches from our tree. These area major part of the tree. The buds are still coming out of them. Is it possible to graft it or tape it up or should I trim the tree?




You did not mention what kind of Maple Tree it is or its size, however, I will give you some general points on dealing with these types of damage:

  • If it is a large tree, your best venue is to contact a qualified arborist who can prune the damaged branches properly, ensuring the best health and shape for the tree.
  • If it is a young maple and the branches are majorly damaged, barely hanging in, it is best you prune the branch with a clean cut to avoid any diseases, or moisture accumulating, at the cut point. Maples generally ‘bleed’ in the spring as the sap warms up and exudes from the cut and it is generally advisable to prune them in the summer, fall or winter, however, when a branch is damaged it is better to help the healing by disposing of that branch. Even if the branch is still alive, its weight will eventually detached the branch causing potentially more damage to the bark. If your tree is a Japanese maple, you can prune the branches at any time, care should be taken if the damaged branches are the main ones.
  • If the damage was small, and the branches are thin, sometimes natures has a way of mending itself by creating a callus, although this join may always be a bit weak and vulnerable.

Hope this information helps your decision.