Maple tree with peeling bark and dead branches


Hi, my house located in Richmond Hill (Elgin Mills & Yonge) and front yard is facing east. We have a maple tree (red and green leaves mixed) in the front yard. Some bark is peeling off and there are dead branches. I am not able to upload photos as the files size is big. please advise if there is other email address i can forward the rest. Thanks.


Dear Gardener,

The Toronto Master Gardener ASK request page can receive photos that are as large as 2.1 MB. I have a drop-down menu with my photos that I can select RESIZE, and then I select the 2 MB option to save the photo which allows it to be sent easily. The upload page for photos is here:

Bark falling off and dead branches on your maple tree are not good signs. Your tree may be dying.  I would suggest you contact an arborist to take a look at your tree. You can find one at this website:

I wish you luck with your maple tree.