Martix Asiatic Lily


I have just purchased a Matrix Asiatic Lily but it has come from the nursery with few instructions – how do i care for it?  I live in a west facing condo in downtown Toronto on the 6th floor.



Having this lily in a planter on a 6th floor balcony poses a few problems.

Facing west is good as this plant likes full sun to partial shade so afternoon sun is perfect.

Wind at this balcony height means that your lily will need to be sheltered and supported by stakes to provent plant stalks from breakage when heavy flowers begin to open.

Lilies like a moist but well drained soil that is humus or organic matter rich so watering will need to be monitored carefully – do not overwater.

Overwintering this bulb in a planter on a balcony will be the biggest challenge as pots freeze quickly when so exposed.  After die back in the fall and before freeze up, placing the entire pot, when the soil is dry, into the centre of a box and then filling in around it with insulation of some kind will offer some protection as there is no other storage available.  This can then be placed in a sheltered spot on the balcony and covered to prevent rain and snow penetration.

Pests such as aphids, lily beetles, slugs and vine weevils should be less of a problem on a balcony than in a regular garden.