I am about to start a lawn on PEI and was interested in micrclover. Can it be used as the only seed for a lawn or can it be mixed with creeping thyme? How do I get some? What is the cost?


We have covered this topic to a degree in an earlier question. In addition, as you will see from the DLF Trifolium website we refer to in that query, the microclover acts to make grass healthier, preventing weeds.  The Waterloo OSC Seeds website we provided also notes that the microclover is suggested for use in over-seeding lawns, or as a component in lawn seed blends.

I did not locate information about mixing the microclover with anything other than grass seed, but you might want to try it along with the creeping thyme.  Our Lawn alternatives and organic care of groundcovers: A Toronto Master Gardeners Guide, which discusses both thyme and clover, may provide you with some ideas.

As Ontario Master Gardeners, much of our information is specific to our province.  Accordingly, we suggest that you contact master gardeners in your area for more specific advice as to how to obtain the microclover from a supplier in your area.  The Atlantic Canada Master Gardeners Association website would be a good place to start.