Where can I purchase microclover in Toronto?


Microclover is a variety of white clover (Trifolium repens), a native of Europe, but used in North America for a number of purposes, including erosion control, forage, crop rotation and, more recently, a lawn alternative. It grows well in our climate, even on sandy soils.

For more information on white clover: https://plants.usda.gov/factsheet/pdf/fs_trre3.pdf.

Microclover was developed in Europe to meet the demand for lawn alternatives. When mixed with perennial grasses, such as  rye grass, it’s proponents say that it grows into a durable cover, with the added bonus of most legumes, the ability to fix nitrogen. The difference between microclover and its parent plant is that it is shorter, has smaller leaves, and doesn’t bloom as much. The latter would mean less of a problem with bees, which some folk might not like in their lawn.

For more information on microclover: https://www.microclover.com/upload/microclover_brochure_web_1_001.pdf

I haven’t found a Toronto retailer, but OSC Seeds in Waterloo, now carries this product:


Seeding lawn with microclover should occur from mid-April to mid-May, for best results.