Mold on Peat Pots


I have bought some jiffy pots other years.  They always end up getting very moldy!  How can I avoid this happening this time.  There must be a way to do it, because they keep being available for sale, so some people must be having success.


Peat pots have many advantages – retain moisture, easy to transplant and are biodegradable.  However, those advantages can also cause the problem you are describing.  Too much moisture, warmth and insufficient air flow can create the perfect conditions for mold to grow.  If you are not seeing any wilting of your seedlings, merely scrape the mold off the sides, then make sure to give each pot plenty of room for air to flow around it, and that the pots don’t sit in standing water.  If you’ve had your pots covered make sure you remove the cover once the seedlings start to emerge.  If re-using the same pots causes this problem for you each year, or your seedlings are wilting & dying (damping off), I would buy new pots and start fresh each year.

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