very large part of my lawn and flower beds are being tunelled. Is there anything I can do? Coca bean used to work, but they are no longer sold. Advice, please?

My lawn is spongy due to the tunnels. Will me grass die?


Dear gardener, I imagine your frustration.

My first question is, are you sure they are Moles? One good way to identify them is because they do leave behind a hill of dirt while doing their tunneling.

If indeed you have moles and, although they do not eat plants, roots or bulbs, they do eat insects and in doing so they could damage some grass roots by detaching them from the soil.

If you have moles, they are a sign that you may have a large number of insects (particular grubs) in your lawn and, that you may be slightly overwatering your lawn (they thrive in wet conditions).

Natural controls include:

  • Reduce amount of watering in your lawn.
  • Plant bulbs that repel moles such as Daffodils, Scillas, Fritillaria imperialis or any bulb in the Allium family (onions, garlic, etc).
  • Ensure your lawn is healthy to avoid grubs and non-beneficial insects. Feeding the lawn with top soil and re-seeding twice a year (spring & fall) will help keep a healthy lawn which will deter the grub and weed population.

Your goal is to discourage the mole from finding too many sources of food in your garden and staying permanently.

Good luck!