Moving and dividing hostas and lilies



I have hostas and lilies that have outgrown their space. I would like to dig them up and move them or divide them. I am wondering when is a good time to do this?



Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your inquiry. Perennials can be divided in the spring or fall. Dividing perennials is best done when the weather is cool and the ground moist. The ideal day is overcast so that the roots don’t dry out quickly. Make sure the plant is well watered before you begin. Spring divisions should be done when a couple of inches of growth are showing. Fall divisions should be done early, usually during the month of September so that the roots have time to establish before winter.

You may wish to refer to our Gardening Guide : Dividing Perennials , which contains useful information on How to Divide as well as Replanting your Divisions.