What kind of mulch can I use in my vegetable garden ?


A layer of mulch in your vegetable garden is a great idea because it will help to protect the root zone of your plants, prevent moisture evaporation and help to prevent the growth of weeds.   Some gardeners prefer finely ground tree bark mulch – cedar or pine in a layer about 5 cm. thick – while others prefer straw.   Now is a good time to apply a layer of mulch, before the summer heat sets in.  Look for mulches labelled “finely textured” or “finely shredded” and avoid the coloured mulches in favour of natural bark.

Garden expert Mark Cullen suggests finely ground cedar mulch.  He writes on the Toronto Botanical Garden website with this and other tips for success in the vegetable garden:

The Toronto Master Gardeners has teamed up with the City of Toronto to produce a good guide on organic vegetable growing, available here:

Best wishes for a productive season and a great harvest.


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