I live in Toronto. I have a very shady flower box on my front porch. My pansies are gone and I want to plant some pots of fall mums. I only want them to last till the frost. It’s mid August. Will they survive the shade as they are already in full bloom?


The great thing about fall mums is that they provide a wonderful pop of colour when things are winding down in the garden.  They are available now, in almost every garden centre and corner variety store. However, even in the shade, especially if they are in full bloom, they will not last until frost. It is likely that you will have to replace the potted plants at least twice until frost.

However, you might peruse through the garden centres a bit later in the fall for other, longer lasting fall plants such as grasses and ornamental cabbages – which often come in green, green and white and deep burgundy/purple. These will maintain their shape and colour well past the first frost. If you don’t have a squirrel problem, pumpkins and colourful dried corn also provide colour and contrast.