mushroom rhizomes


I want to plant an Emerald Cedar hedge at the back of my yard, soil is clay and I’ve heard that there is a mushroom rhizome that is very good for the cedar’s roots – if possible could you please give me the name of that rhizome and advise where I may be able to obtain it? Thankyou!!


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

Cedar prefers growing in average to moist conditions and shouldn’t be allowed to dry out. Moist, organic soil that drains well is best for good growth.  Cedar’s dislike dry sandy soils, as well as excessively moist clay soils. Adding some compost or mulch around the cedars (not against the trunks) will help to maintain the appropriate amount of moisture in the soil.

Toronto Master Gardeners are big fans of the use of organic materials to amend your soil. Organic materials have more benefits than just providing the 3 main nutrients as listed on most chemical fertilizers. Organic material releases its nutrients slowly. In this way, harmful over-fertilization is prevented. It also improves the texture and structure of your soil.

Below is article done in partnership with the City of Toronto on the benefits of using organic amendments.

The product which you are asking about is called “MYKE” . This product contains fungal  mychorrhizae which forms a symbiotic relationship with your plant roots. This product is available at any reptuable nurseries.

Lastely, ours has a wealth of information on planting, fertilizing, watering and pruning emerald cedars. Simply type “Emerald Cedar” in the Find It Here box located on the right side of the page.