My 25 yr old English Ivy looks dead


My English ivy of 25 years looks brown and dead, a little green growth but not much. What should I do, wait, feed?





We again had a cold winter in southern Ontario, which is likely why your English ivy is not looking its usual vigorous self.  Here’s a lengthy response to a similar question we had last year around this time “English ivy on fence looks dead” .  This provides helpful details about how to check if your ivy is indeed alive, and suggests pruning as well as cleaning up dead plant material from the area.

English ivy is known to be aggressive and fast-growing – it’s classified as an invasive plant in Ontario and should not be planted near ravines or other wild spaces. The ivy is hardy and resilient – you should not need to do anything more than mentioned above to ensure that it thrives as before.

You might want to read more about English ivy: Missouri Botanical Garden – Hedera helix provides a good overview about the plant.  Washington State University’s Genus: Hedera also includes lots of helpful information.