My grass has a severe fungus problem. HELP!!!


Hi. I think the problem is fungus. It looks like a white powder spreading through out the lawn. In some spots it grows thick and foamy. There are puff balls and mushrooms. I have tried a lot of lime with no effect. I dig out the foam and apply baking soda wish helps for a week or two it always comes back. Can someone please help me? I have tried nurseries and lawn experts with no luck. My lawn has been suffering through this for 3 years now and every summer it’s a big struggle. Any help with this would be very appreciated! Please?


It is difficult to diagnose your problem without a picture but the puffballs and other mushrooms are growing in your lawn because there is something with a high organic content rotting below there. This can be dead tree roots, construction debris, grass thatch or decaying leaves. To control them, the best thing to do is dig them up as you spot them before they mature and release more spores into the soil. If you can remove the excess organic matter, that would help as well. Make sure you are wearing gloves as some mushrooms can be poisonous. As for the powdery substance, it might be slime mold which is causing the problem. There is a good picture and good suggestions to get rid of the problem on the Scotts web page. Good cultural care of the lawn with aerating, topdressing, proper mowing height and adequate but not excessive watering will help to get your lawn back to good health.