My japanese maple leaves are turning green


My japanese maple (3 yrs old ) has done very well but recently some of the leaves are turning green- does that indicate disease? I would appreciate any help that you could give me.


If your Japanese Maple is otherwise healthy, the change in colour is probably not a symptom of disease.  The ability of red-leaved varieties of Japanese Maples to maintain their red colour throughout the growing season is very variable. The changing colour may be attributed to the characteristics of the specific variety and its exposure to light.  They have the best colour when located in a spot that is as sunny as the tree can tolerate.  I have a ‘Bloodgood’ Japanese Maple in my front yard which is a variety reputed to hold colour well all season and it is showing quite a lot of green right now.  You may find your maple reverts to red in the fall.  I am including a link to information on Japanese Maples on the Landscape Ontario site so you can check out the characteristics of your variety.