My shrub is dying :(


We have a shrub in our front yard, it gets a lot of sun. The soil in Bolton has lots of clay. The inside of the shrub is completely brown and now the outside of the shrub is turning brown. Please help!!!


Dear Homeowners —  Thank you for writing, and very sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your shrub. Without knowing what type of shrub you have it’s difficult to give you our best advice.  If your shrub is by any chance a conifer, an evergreen, then perhaps it is suffering from winter burn, a condition resulting from a lack of water before the winter frost set in.

Last winter, compounded by this winter, have caused much damage to many trees and shrubs: you are not alone, if this is of some consolation.

Could we suggest, please, that you reply by sending us a photo, or two, of your shrub, so that we may better help you ?

In the meantime, here is a TMG note to gardeners, to let you know that all may not be lost:

Hope to hear back from you !