Mystery Spring Blooming Shrub


Hi TBG ! I inheirited this shrub when we purchased our home, and I have no idea what it is. None of my books or magazines have helped in ID’ing it. It’s approximately 3 – 4′ high, with a similar spread, and blooms pink flowers in spring. And does diddly squat the rest of the year. It’s located in a sunny front bed, facing east and between a Susan Magnolia and a weeping birch. The soil is the usual Toronto clayish stuff, but pretty lean. It seems to be spreading rather aggressively, and I’m seriously considering ripping it out. The roots seems to go on for ages. Can you tell me what it is, and how to deal with it ?




It is difficult to get good pictures to be used for identification, sadly I found it hard to see details  that could assist me with an absolute answer for this question but here goes, I am suggesting Prunus glandulosa, Dwarf Flowering Almond, I have included links to a few websites that you can read for further information.


It looks beautiful in flower but very scruffy afterwards.  In early spring clear around the base of the shrub and apply a mulch and compost to feed and protect the soil.  As it is a spring flowering lightly prune it after flowering, can be cut by up to 1/3 to renew it’s vigor.  It spreads by suckering therefore needs root pruning unless you want a less controlled look.  I hear it is difficult to get all the roots out so if you do decide to remove it and plant something more pleasing to you, it might take some work.


Here is a link further information on care.  I hope this is helpful and maybe after reading up on this shrub it will help you decide whether to keep it or not.

I hope you are enjoying our slow march to spring.