Name of this plant – Plant ID


Found this in the neighbourhood. The height of this plant is about 18 inches and grows on the west side and has full sun throughout the day. It looks like phlox, but my tall phlox are taller and sturdier than this plant. My plant does not sway in the wind, but this plant does, so more delicate than mine.
Thanks for your help


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  Based on your description and the flower and leaf shape seen in the photo, this may be Phlox divaricata, also known as Woodland Phlox or Sweet William.  This spring blooming plant is native to eastern North America and can be found in Quebec and Ontario.  As the common names suggest, this plant is happiest in a shaded or semi-shaded woodland area and the blooms are fragrant.  These two links provide a more detailed description and photos of Phlox divaricata and will help you to confirm the identification Missouri Botanical Garden, Phlox diverticata.