Name the Tree – plant id with no photo


All along the branches are “pom-pom” like clusters of petals. The leaves have not emerged yet.
I noticed young ones in Duncairn Park and very mature ones in Rippleton Park. The photo that I took with my camera(not phone) is too big and I do not know how to make it smaller


Hello. Unfortunately, it is impossible to make an identification without a close-up photo or two of the flowers, the leaves and their arrangement on the stem and the shape of the plant as a whole. You could take pictures like this with your phone and resubmit your question. Our website provides information on additional plant details that would aid in identification. Another thing you could do is use the smart phone apps iNaturalist or PictureThis to identify the plant. These apps are free, however they are not always correct, but they will give you suggestions you can google and compare with the plant you saw.

Good luck and by all means resubmit with photo(s) if you want to.