Narrow Hedge Tree


What narrow evergreen would you suggest for a full sun spot in tornto. Height to 10 ft


Although you did not specify in your question, the title of your inquiry has led me to believe that you are looking to plant a hedge of trees.  If this is the case, there is an excellent answer to your question previously published here .  Although this person was looking for a hedge tree that was shade tolerant, the suggestions made would still apply to you as the trees also take sun.

Another potential option that might be worth looking into is Ilex crenata ‘Sky Pencil’.  I have admired this tall narrow Japanese holly at garden centres in the past, although admittedly I have not planted this myself as I have wondered whether it would be winter hardy in Toronto. There are differing opinions on the matter as it is a new introduction to our area.  It is a very attractive shrub that can grow up to 10 feet and prefers slightly acidic soil.  There was a previous inquiry on this plant which I will include here should you like to learn more

Finally, I am veering away from what you are asking for but given its popularity I will mention columnar beech trees.  These can grow much, much taller than your desired 10 feet, however can easily be pruned to be whatever height you would like.  They are also not considered an evergreen, nor are they entirely deciduous as they often maintain their leaves until the spring when the new growth pushes them off.  Should you want to learn more about this option you can read about them here

I hope this helps guide you to making a decision in what to plant in your garden.