Native cover crop



I’m wondering if you could recommend a few native cover crop for a full sun, and a partial shade site? Something that is frost tender, 18″ tall max, average garden soil, and will reseed?

I’m using a mix of Lobularia maritima and Iberis amara for cover crop, but I’d like to switch to native plants if possible.

Thank you.


(I believe you mean groundcovers for a home garden rather than agricultural cover crops used after an edible crop is harvested)

There are two concise pamphlets which will provide you with native, full sun to part shade selections.

Fragaria virginiana, Asarum canadense, arctostaphylos uva ursi, Geranium maculatum, coreopsis lanceolata, and many sedums-purpureum, acre, ternatum

You may download both of these.