Need privacy for small backyard


Hello, I live in Paris, Ontario and built a new home in a typical city lot subdivision. My back yard is very small with nearly no privacy beyond a 6ft fence. The rear neighbors have two-storey homes that can easily see into my backyard space.

I am looking for ideas for getting privacy via trees,etc. for example that can have maximum height beyond the 6ft fence (dream would be 10+ feet above fence line, so 15+ feet from ground if possible), but as narrow as possible to not take up too much of my already very small backyard

Open to any suggestions including building the trees up from the ground to allow quicker options to get height from start, etc… Hoping someone can help me here – really need some privacy!


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

We often receive questions concerning growing for privacy. I am attaching several articles from our archive for you to read through. If you search our library you will find many more.

When choosing the plants you will certainly need to take into account the type of soil. You will also need to assess the light conditions and how much space is available to the plant. Depending on the landscape, take into account the mature plant size and ensure it will fit without hitting wires or any other items. When choosing a plant, take all parameters into account and you will have better chance of a healthy privacy barrier.

When you are ready to plant our library has planting guides to help you give your plants the best start possible.

Good Luck!