Nematodes for Cucumber Beetles


I have read that nematodes can be used for cucumber beetle larvae that in live and eat the roots. My question is what kind of nematode and where would I purchase them. I have had infestations for 2 years. Thank you


Beneficial nematodes are sold by the large garden centres as well as online and each type is specific to the larval species it controls.  However, we do not have any evidence of their success with Cucumber Beetles. You can order Cucumber Beetles lures and traps, which attract the adults so that you can then dispose of them. You can also use the “pick and squish” method, early in the evening, which although messy, is most effective.  If there are large numbers, you can swoop them up with a portable vacuum. The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs recommends that method most strongly.

Next year, you might also consider planting your cucumbers later in the season. The first generation of adult beetles (generally the most damaging) emerge in mid-June to early July. If you seed your cucumbers indoors and transplant them into the garden in mid- or late July, you may avoid the problem. Consider also, using floating row covers over the young seedlings, which must be removed when the plants flower to allow for pollination.