Growing nemesia


I live in Oshawa, planted nemesia in containers. Used proper potting soil. They are about 8-10 inches high, after watering flowers fall over. Didn’t realize stems are very thin. Is this a normal habit for this flower?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners for an answer to your gardening question.

Nemesia is a lovely annual that LOVES sun but not hot weather.  Nemesia requires good drainage.  This means that the roots cannot be in standing water.  The fact that the flowers fall over after watering may indicate that the roots are getting too much water.  You can try to water less often than you do at present.

To prevent the stems becoming too leggy to support the flowers you can pinch the growth bud at the end. This will encourage more leaves and more flowers.

The Toronto Botanical Garden library and all public libraries have many excellent resources for you to learn more about this unusual plant.

References: Reader’s Digest  New Illustrated Guide to Gardening in Canada and Armitage’s Garden Annuals.