New garden in Toronto


I’m new in Toronto n have an abandoned backyard
N a tiny front lawn
It’s October n I want to know what should I plant to make my place look welcoming
But it should be easy to handle as I don’t have much of gardening knowledge
N I also prefer less care perennials n evergreen
As I don’t want to buy plants every season
Btw I really like colourful tulips n
Wild grass


Congratulations on the purchase of your home in Toronto.  And how wonderful for you to have front and back yards to create your own gardens!

Planting a garden does not happen over night.  It evolves with time, knowledge and succeeds best with some advanced planning. You are fortunate to have the opportunity to do that with Toronto’s winter just around the corner and our planting season at an end.

I would recommend that you look into taking some courses on basic gardening.  These will teach you about soil, planting zones, light, shade, fertilizing, perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, container gardening etc.  to help you decide what meets your own personal needs and those of your front and back yards.  The public libraries, large garden centres, Toronto Botanical Garden, the boards of Education are a few of the organizations that may offer workshops or courses that will interest you.

In addition, the Toronto Master Gardener’s web site has many excellent garden guides on a variety of topics.  Here is the link:

The public library has informative gardening books, many of which are available in e-book format.  The Toronto Botanical Garden at 777 Lawrence Avenue East has an amazing  botanical library as well.

You may want to mark your 2020 calendar to visit Canada Blooms (together with the Home Show) at the Enercare Centre here in Toronto from March 13 to 22.  It is Canada’s largest garden and flower festival.  Companies create gardens, large and small in the Enercare Centre to give you ideas of how you can design your own garden.  Advice clinics staffed by Master Gardeners will answer any gardening questions you may have.  Lectures and workshops are offered throughout each day by garden experts on many interesting topics.

In the spring you may find it helpful and inspiring to wander through larger garden centres to get a sense of what type of plants are available for you to consider. Touring other people’s gardens will often give ideas of what you may like in your own garden. 

I wish you all the best of luck with your new gardens and enjoy!